Why don't your kids school pictures talk?
We all view our pictures on screens right? My phone, TV and computer screens all have sound an motion, so how come my granddaughters dance class pictures are not dancing and singing on the screen? Well they are now.

Keeping it Simple.
We created the Talking Portrait to be simple, easy to use, and fun. No apps to download, no logging in, no annual fees just click, play, smile and share. You receive a PortraitLink right on your phone as a text message, then click the PLAY button to enjoy about 30 seconds of your son talking about why he plays high school football or your niece showing you her perfect pirouette, your neighbors talking business card, and the cool talking church directory your aunt Ellenore uses to send birthday cards to her pastor.

Professional hybrid photographers use our system to create, sell, and deliver portraits that talk and dance and sing to their customers. And we have our own hybrid photo division located in the central coast of California so we can make PortraitLink Talking Portraits for our customers, family and neighbors. Here are some examples.