Hi Family! Thanks for the GREAT job in getting this shoot setup for Joni. The images are really nice and will print wonderfully - even big.
For this set of prints, we will be using the Moab brand of museum grade paper and long life museum grade inks. This produces a print that is a higher quality than the "wet" prints from a photo lab, we will have a nice "matte" surface on the prints, and these prints will last for over 400 years - so choose images you want to share for the next 10 generations!
Please do not use this online ordering system for placing your order? Instead please write down the print number as seen on this page, then the print size and quantity of the prints you want and let me have the order over the phone or in person if you need some suggestions in choosing?
4x6 - $8., 5x5 - $10., 5x7 - $14., 8x8 - $24. 8x10 - $27.,
10x10 - $ 36. 11x14 - $41., 12x12 - $66., 16x20 - $82.
We can easily make other square and custom sizes.
Suggestion: I think the large family group photos should be left in their natural shape to make a print that is 17x30 then we should get a nice matte and custom frame. Let me know if you like that idea and we can get a good deal on 3 or 4 of those frame sets?
Also, if you need help with placing prints on your walls, let's get together? I can help with sizes and positions and make it easy for you. Thanks all!
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