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Hey Sophie! Looks like we have some great shots here - you did such a great job! My favorites are the first 5, but you please choose any ones you like. Keep in mind, I will re-crop, retouch, smooth skin, blur the background a little on the images you choose. Please pick up to six, I'll process the files, then make you some prints and send you the smaller versions of the files to share via text and email. Feel free to ask for 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 of even bigger prints? No charge - I'll print them here in a day or so. Thanks Sophie!! -Will
Sophie 8x10 FINALS--2Sophie 8x10 FINALS--5Sophie 8x10 FINALS--4Sophie 8x10 FINALS--6Sophie 8x10 FINALS-Sophie 8x10 FINALS--7Sophie21-334Sophie21-63Sophie21-169Sophie21-70Sophie21-327Sophie21-23Sophie21-29Sophie21-51Sophie21-121Sophie21-143Sophie21-158Sophie21-168Sophie21-193Sophie21-197