Outstanding original interior,

Drives perfectly,

Mechanically fully restored
(see below),

SoCal car with 28K miles that can easily be your daily driver.

Fully documented two owner car.

CONTACT: Will Crockett, [email protected] or call / text 630 297 2648 - thanks!

My "Covid" project is now coming to a close and it's time to part with a once-in-a-lifetime classic car. When the virus hit, my buddy was ready to part with the 1972 Mercedes 350SL that was lifelessly sitting in his driveway for years. Delivered new in 1972, this car was driven around central California by the first owner, then sold to a friend of mine in Pismo Beach where it sat under a cover outdoors for years. The sun destroyed most of the interior and dissolved most of the exterior paint, but underneath was a clean, rust free and ver solid car. So I bought it and after a few hours of changing all the fluids and replacing the fuel pump the car was driveable again.
Carefully I drove it home (about 50 miles) as I took inventory of what this car needed to become a beautiful, dependable daily driver. Now, after over 200 hours of restoration, this SL is running and driving more smoothly than I would expect a 50 year old car to drive. It's a joy to sweep through the hills closeby with the top down. A rare treat. The photos here show you all the work we've done and allow you to see how clean and rust free the "bones" are.

Included with this car is the original "catalogue" book in German, a PDF version of the original owners manual in english, and a PDF service manual covering all of the R107 models. The hard top is also included with this car and it is in good original shape with functioning rear window heater.
This car needs a paint job for sure and would look great repainted the original light metallic blue color - or repainted in silver, gunmetal, white or dark blue. I would be happy to supervise the painting to the color of your choice, I think the new owner should decide the color. Or you can fly into San Luis Obispo airport, I'll pick you up and you can drive this car back to where ever. It's a solid, comfy, extremely well built car that has been revitalized for every day use.
Here's a list of the some of the components we've replaced:
Complete restoration of interior including new carpet and sound reduction under-padding.
All 4 brake calipers, new premium pads.
Spark plugs, wires, points and distributor cap.
Master cylinder
Tires and alignment
Some brake lines, some vacuum hoses
Coolant temp sensor
Air intake sensor,

Primary exhaust pipe and rear muffler.
ICM Ignition Control Module
ECM Electronic Control Module
Coolant temp and air intake temp sensor,
Radiator flush, all hoses replaced,
All fluids replaced.
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