Hey Team!
I wanted to share one of the marketing and sales tools I am using for my upcoming hybrid job. As you know, I am interested in creating hybrid jobs that are pre-pay on the eProduct, then I want to sell them a printed product or more eProducts after the sale using some smart and semi-automated sales systems.
In order to sell pre-paid PortraitLinks to the dance school I have contracted, I need to use a variety of sales tools like planting a TV in the school to run a promo video loop, posters and flyers, an email blast or two, and I really like eye-catching POS {Point Of Sale} installations like the one below.
Because we are introducing an entirely new product this set of 125 Moms, we need to first generate a list of talking points. These are the highlights and unique features of the product I am selling to let Moms know what we have to offer in the fewest amount of words possible that still gets the point across clearly. We like 5 talking points for a project like this. Our top Talking Point is “Why don’t dance pictures DANCE?”, second is “PortraitLink is a Talking Portrait delivered right to your phone” and third is "Your PortraitLink will Talk and Dance”. Notice the work Talk in each of those? That’s important. Talking is the word that grabs Moms attention and she understands that PortraitLink is not a photo session like in years past {because that is unfortunately a negative point of conversation in this region of the state}, it’s talking portrait. When Moms slow down just enough to lethal whole concept of the “talking” portrait spark her interest, we need to quickly deliver the sales offer.
So we need to build a POS that sits right on the main entryway sales counter for the dance school. This way each Mom and most kids will see it when they come and go from the school and it will grab their attention and deliver our talking points to stimulate them to book a PortraitLink session.
After 4 days of fiddling with this idea then mock up, we have a final version ready to go to the school tomorrow for installation. This is a budget 8x10 frame + matte to fit a 5x7 that we are using as our “SAVINGS BUNDLE” in our primary sales offer.
We want to sell Moms a PortraitLink ONLY for $49, or a PortraitLink SAVINGS BUNDLE that includes the PortraitLink and a 5x7 print in this frame for $89 delivered.

Attached to this sample frame is the headline bar at the top right which is an inkjet print mounted to thin foam core glued to the frame. The takeaway holder at the right is velcro-ed to the frame so we can adjust the width of this POS on site to get it to fit nicely in it’s new home. The take away cards are double sided inkjet prints using a thick matte paper with some heft to them and a nice, high quality feel to the texture. The info on the cards is posted for you below.
We think we need only one of these POS’s for this job, but we do have a nice wall mount version ready to go too if we can get the green light to install it from the client. I’ll know tomorrow.

Thanks to those of you that helped me on this project, I appreciate it of course and like to work this way - ideas of all shapes are good things! No matter if you are selling Talking Directories or Dance or DayCare, the sales tools you need for selling hybrid need to reflect the basic concepts of how this product is different from the traditional shoot and print models. These Moms for instance have made it clear that they are not interested in dance school picture packs any more. A few have tried and all have failed. No offense to those of you that sell dance photos, but this region is ripe for eProducts with dance, karate and Church directory work being wide open to a hybrid photographer. So we need to sell the idea that we are NOT picture packs and we ARE an eProduct that is easy to use and ready to share the moment it arrives. This region is very interested in that. My challenge is to convert that interest into sales then deliver that Product at a fair and healthy profit margin. Exactly how do we do that? Well, no one knows for sure because until you start selling directory and dance eProducts.. I’m the only one doing it. : ) BTW, none of my hybrid photo friends across the country {and Canada too!} are shooting dance. All of them see it as a dead marketplace because of the difficulty in selling to dance schools at a profit that makes it worthwhile.
One last tidbit… we have had two Moms ask if this is an “app”. when we replied “no” they both said that was a good thing because they don’t want any more apps. Hmmmm, where have we heard THAT before? : )
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