eProducts for memory keepsakes.

eProducts are the future of photography where your family portrait can have motion or sound triggered by a simple hand wave next to it.  Where your kids all decked out in their soccer uniform speak their names, team, and their player number with that lisp from the two missing teeth right in front.  And where you Dad who made it smiling to his 90th birthday cracks a joke as he blows out the single candle on his cupcake.  Those are memories that are best contained by photo and video and audio and just a touch of graphical design that you can show and share on any screen by simply sending a text with a link to the video.

Recently, I took my nieces and nephew {and in-laws too) to Chicago for a fun weekend and instead of sending them home with only printed photos, I sent them with this link - not the 48M video file - the link.  You can see the embedded video on the page below but be sure to watch it on your phone using this link?:



Here's an eProduct we call the "MyKidsCard" that is the primary draw for our Moms (or Dads for Mothers day hint hint) to book a kids session.  These take 45 minutes or so to shoot, a day to process, and are delivered by texting or emailing the link to Mom's phone. Cost is $299, It's fully adaptable to being posted onto Facebook and any other social site as soon as Mom gets it, and you can simply text the link to the rest of the family to share it too.  Here's the link you will receive and you can play the video below too if you like:



eProducts for business.

Even more powerful are the hybrid (skillfull blending of video and photo and audio) eProducts we make for business as marketing collateral.  Here's an example of an affordable, quick turn around video that is built for the latest SEO penetration.  Need help with your company social marketing and SEO?  Talk to Coach Will at CoachWill.pro.  This first business eProduct is made to be embedded into the corporate site, we suggest using Vimeo or Wistia to feed the video and this one for RPS lights is the low cost version that is only $950 and prices of course go way down if you order a set of five or more to be made all at once.  Most product videos like this should be 3 to 6 minutes long for maximum effect.


Real Estate.
If you are in the real estate business, you know that you must have a video in your listing and the low quality ones you buy now actually do the trick pretty well.  Of course they cannot compare to the quality we create, but in reality you don't need a premium eProduct like ours that not only embeds into a page, but also has a textable link that is customized to the property (read the link?) but shows on your clients phone in seconds and looks like this:   http://ridgemoorimages.pro/

This $4M+ home did take 6 showings but it was actually this video sent from a potential buyer who passed on buying but texted this link to  a friend who did in fact buy it.  eProducts like this cost around $4K for us to create for you.



Keep in mind the the beauty of the eProduct as we make them here is that you don't need the headache of the HUGE video file.  They are slow to download and take up way too much space on a phone or tablet.  The video delivery platforms we use are device sensitive so they know when you ask to view the video on a Samsung Note 3 using 3G cellular service and send a small and highly compressed file where another person my be in the board room and pulling it up on the 60 inch 720HD TV which will send a large resolution low compression version for the best possible quality.
This type of technology is also part of what we do and you can see our consulting side in the other half of our business here at CoachWill.pro.