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If you are not being asked by clients to create both still photos and video then you are either doing a great job at what you do, or you are not paying attention to what your customer wants.
Moms want to buy a portrait of their kids that shows them looking great, as well as the ability for that portrait to record their voices and movements at that age. If you are not doing that yet, it's ok, you still have another mmm, maybe two years until the photographer right behind you takes your customer.  Where do you start if you need a boost?  Mirrorless.
Yep.  Mirrorless cameras are not just the current fad in photography.  They are small, smart, lightweight and able to record both photo and video and audio easier than any dSLR and in some cases they will outperform most dSLRs too.  Shooting hybrid starts with the right mirrorless camera for you and your needs.  As a pro still shooter with a serious history of video production under my belt, I've gravitated to three brands of mirrorless but I am only one voice here.  My choices are nothing more than the fruits of the testing and research and owning of three of the brands - Sony, Lumix and Fuji.  Those are the ones that work for me and all three have very different characteristics.
If you have not taken a serious look at mirrorless cameras, you may want too.  And soon.  Just like view cameras were replaced by medium format and 35mm, the dSLR which is a modified 35mm camera system will soon be replaced by the mirrorless systems.  Why?  Go rent one with a few pro grade lenses and see.

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