One of the best brands for premium quality LED light panels is Cool-Lux. These are their top of the line Bi Color LED 1x1 panels, model CL1000 FLOOD version.
These have been the panels used by hybrid photographer and educator Will Crockett for 14 months on his client work and his educational content. They have just been metered using a Sekonic C-7000 to have an Ra range from 94.8 to 98.7 through the various outputs.
The lifespan of this pro panel is 50,000 hours and these have no more than 2300 hours on them, with both of them running under 80% output power levels. The CL1000's have adjustable brightness output and adjustable color temperature measured from 3310K to 5720K.
The both have the original well-made carrying cases and are the V mount battery versions but both have only been used on the included AC power supply.
New, these still sell for $1400 each, we are selling two of our six panels for $825 each or both for $1600. As you can see, they also come with a sheet of Tough Spun dispersion material to "fuse" each LED into one single light as seen in the second photo below, or you can easily remove the fabric to use as the original design as seen in the third photo.
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