The Migration to Mirrorless.

I'm just one voice that is careful to not let my opinions be presented to you as fact.  Facts are very different than my opinion and I am well aware of the difference.  That's why I'm here.  
I want you to have an unbiased, honest voice that has a long history of helping thousands of photographers with the truth about what will work and what does not.

There are no sponsors that pay nor control me, on purpose BTW, however I am in contact with many hardware and software makers in the industry because I develop solutions for large scale and high volume photo and video companies as a consultant on a project basis.  That means I get to use my clients money to try, test, and many times buy a wide variety of photo and video tools.  From LED panels and cameras, to factory modified versions of software and custom fabricated rolling carts to create outdoor "souvenir" photos by the tens of thousands.
That's great, but here's what you need to know...
I am half creative person that can really shoot.  The other half is a TechnoNerd that speaks code and has created many workflow solutions for clients that I was told were "impossible" to do.  
The photo industry is changing and the old guard that complains at conventions about younger people stealing their business by undercutting them are not paying attention and if they continue complaining they will be overrun by the NextGen of tech savvy imagemakers that "get it".
dSLRs are going away and mirrorless cameras will replace them.  Im here to help you gently or quickly move toward mirrorless so you can become more fluent in the production of photo, video and audio as what we call a "Hybrid" photographer.
You will need to offer eProducts that you sell to your clients screens that are as profitable as your prints.  In the next 2 years you will see more of your customers asking you for "video" when they mean images that talk and move on a screen.  Mirrorless cameras make it MUCH easier to create eProducts using Hybrid photography skills.

Why Do We Need "The Migration to Mirrorless"?

January 02, 2017  •  2 Comments
I just had an uplifting phone call with a photographer who has made the move to shooting professionally using a mirrorless cameras in place of her worn our Nikon D2X. She's in a small-ish section of a northern state and is having to work hard to keep in from of her customers with services they want, they can afford, and that cannot be underbid by t...
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